Charisma bypass glitch is a glitch present in The Sims 3 University Life and that affects the Brain Enhancing Machine. It allows the player to bypass the friend/Sim requirement despite the Sim not meeting them. As of Into the Future, this hasn't been fixed.


Normally, the player cannot increase the Charisma skill until the Sim has enough Friends or Sims, attempting to level up without the requirements will cause a message saying:

Sim's full name has reached the current maximum level of Charisma skill. Sim's full name needs at least x friends and at least x relationships to advance.

However, the object bypasses those requirements and levels up Charisma regardless if the Sim has enough Friends/Sims to level up. If the object is used to level up Charisma without the requirements being met, it will cause the above message to appear along with the skill notification message.

Congratulations! Sim's name has just improved his/her Charisma Skill to level x!

After Charisma is increased, Sims' relationship data will be altered to make changes for the Sim triggering the glitch causing Sims to appear in the relationship list and making known Sims as Friends.

The Sims that appear on the relationship list depends on the town where the glitch occurred. For example, Sunset Valley will cause Sunset Valley Sims to be added to the relationship list. If done in Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims, Al Simhara or Sims University, Sims in those towns will be added instead.


The effects of the glitch include:

  • Sims suddenly start appearing in the relationship list.
  • Sims in the Relationship list are now Friends.
  • Sim may receive Celebrity Points if The Sims 3 Late Night or The Sims 3 Starter Pack are installed.
  • The Celebrity Challenge will automatically be completed if the object levels Charisma to 10.