The Lloyd glitch is a glitch in The Urbz: Sims in the City for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

How to perform this glitchEdit

The player must be at 4-1 The Greatest Fear and the objective, Capture the Albino Alligator must not be completed yet. The player presses A and completes the objective. Right after the player stops talking to Lloyd, the player then presses A to enter socialize mode where he or she is now socializing with Lloyd. The effects depends on the version (see below)

Effects of the glitchEdit

Game Boy AdvanceEdit

In the GBA version, socializing with Lloyd causes the player to enter socialize mode but Lloyd's head or the relationship bar doesn't appear and there are 4 ! buttons. If the player presses A, Lloyd's head and the relationship bar will appear. He usually appears angry with a random relationship value (usually -100) with a blank dialog that cannot be closed. Unlike the DS version, the game does not freeze but since the player is unable to stop socializing with Lloyd, the player needs to reset the game.

Nintendo DSEdit

The glitch in the DS version is different from the GBA version. When you socialize with Lloyd, his face doesn't appear and it only shows a background and the Touch Screen shows no options. If the player press A, the Control Pad or touches first option in the Touch Screen, the game will freeze with a repeating sound as if the player removed the DS Card. It is not possible to press B to stop socializing with Lloyd once the player enters socialize mode.


Urbz Sims in the city Gba 'Lloyd' Glitch

Urbz Sims in the city Gba 'Lloyd' Glitch.

The glitch on the GBA version

The Urbz Sims in the City (DS) Lloyd Freeze Glitch

The Urbz Sims in the City (DS) Lloyd Freeze Glitch

The glitch on the DS version