The memory display glitch is a glitch that can occur in The Sims 3 on Windows and Mac OS X. It affects the memory notifications.


This glitch causes the game to display a memory notification of an incorrect Sim instead of the one that initiated the action. For example, if Wogan Hemlock becomes a partner, the game will erroneously state in the memory notification that Morrigan Hemlock became a partner despite using Wogan. However, the game will correctly state that Wogan became a partner.

Variations of the glitchEdit


TS3 Generations Memory glitch

Example of the memory glitch: Rebecca becomes a partner (left) but the memory notification said that Jennifer became a partner (right).

This glitch occurs when a Sim becomes a partner/owner of a business. When a Sim becomes a partner/owner, the memory notification will state a different Sim has became a partner/owner instead of the Sim that was told to become a partner/owner. The game's notification will state the correct Sim who became a partner and all Sims of the household will get the memory.

This can be caused by having a Sim becoming a partner that wasn't created first in Create a Sim or Create a Household. For example, if the player created the male Sim first and the female Sim second in CAS/CAH and uses the female Sim to become a partner, the memory notification will state the male Sim became a partner.

Asking a Sim to Move InEdit

When a Sim is asked to move in, the memory notification will state a different Sim rather than the Sim that asked to Move In with him or her. One example can occur if Wogan has Jessica Talon move in with him where the memory notification states that she moved in with Morrigan. Single Sim households are unaffected by this glitch.

It does not occur if the player used the Merge option to add the Sim to the player's household.

Boarding SchoolEdit

When a Sim enrolls a child or teen in Boarding School, the memory notification will incorrectly state a different Sim enrolled the Child or Teen in Boarding School instead of the Sim that Actually enrolled the Child/Teen in Boarding School.