Ramirez glitch

A saved game in The Sims 3 with a household name of Ramirez caused by an invalid file (DR2SAVE).

The Ramirez glitch is a glitch that is present in the Windows and OS X versions of The Sims 3. It occurs when an invalid save is placed in The Sims 3.


It is caused if a saved game in The Sims 3 is invalid or corrupted leading to the glitch.

It's possible for a Sims 3 save to be corrupted which can cause this. If a Sims 3 game is affected by the Ramirez glitch, it will retain the original filename but the original information was removed. The time will always be displayed as 12:00 AM, 0:00, or 12:00, the save will have the default family/lot thumbnail which is shown if a save didn't have an Active Household. The tooltip will say that it can't load the save file due to missing Expansion Pack data. Depending on the language used in The Sims 3, the invalid save file will have the following information.

If The Sims 3 is set to English, the Household name will be Ramirez, date will be 12:45AM and its description is Lot description. Time is either displayed as 12:00 AM or 0:00 depending on the 12-Hour Clock setting. Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese languages will have the same behavior as English.

If The Sims 3 is set to other languages, only 12:00 will be displayed. Ramirez, the glitched date, and description will be blank.

If the player has a valid save file and then clicks the corrupted save, the game will try to use the Household name, date, and description of the last valid file that was accessed. For example, a save with the Goth family as the active household will cause the corrupted file to copy the file's Household name, date, and description. If a valid file doesn't have a Household played, the Household and description will not be displayed.