The Sims Social is a Facebook game, put out by Playfish and EA games. The main glitch I have found in the Sims Social so far is the extreme graphics lag, which has nearly driven me away from the game, despite my love for all things Sim. I have cable internet, so it should not be a connection speed issue. It takes one full minute for all the objects on a well-populated lot to load, and then when you try to do something in game, you get a problem similar to the one pictured. This would not be as much of an issue for a patient player, (or someone watching television at the same time while playing the game) but the introduction of the Simsnap minigame feature, which is a timed game (pictured above), causes this to be a serious issue since it is impossible to complete the matches while waiting so long for each of the images to load.

Most other glitches simply cause the page to refresh, with an error message displayed telling the player to refresh the page and try again. These are internal game glitches of unknown cause. If you get more than three of these in a row, the best course of action is to quit for the day and try again another day, usually the problem will have resolved by then.